Introducing Synergy

May 6th, 2011 by Tim Eian

Synergy Affordable High Performance Home by TE Studio

Synergy is a beacon for the 21st century renaissance of residential high-performance design. It is built on the world’s leading energy efficiency standard—Passive House. Within a building envelope that is designed to minimize maintenance cycles and age gracefully, it provides highest levels of comfort and healthy day-lit interiors. Synergy’s combination of amazing performance and built-in energy conservation make it a leapfrog performer that will save you money month after month, year after year. The extremely reduced environmental footprint and extensive use of green materials combine with highly functional floor plans and beautiful, customizable design to compliment your lifestyle.

Synergy is the essence of holistic design for sustainable homes. Welcome to Synergy. Welcome Home.

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3 responses to “Introducing Synergy”

  1. D.R. Schroeder says:

    This is such a great concept and exactly the direction the housing industry needs to move.

  2. […] [+] More detail on Synergy, a Passive House concept, by TE Studio. […]

  3. passivhaus says:

    People should invest on long term quality homes like passive house. Passive standard is increasingly seen as the most cost effective means of achieving a comfortable indoor environment.

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