People are talking

“Tim’s passion for passive house design is unlimited and it is exciting to see him pour that enthusiasm into the design of our new home. Tim has always responded with helpful advice and extensive knowledge to get us to our final goal–a simply beautiful, sustainable, and efficient home designed for our growing family.”

Julie and Tarek Alkatout, Clients

(TE Studio is) “on the local cutting edge of achitectural sustainability with their support of Passive House projects. They are very approachable, friendly and enthusiastic. We are fortunate to have such innovative talents right here in Minnesota!”

Dr. Carol Winter and Dr. Kirk Dornfeld, Clients

“Tim’s greatest talent may lie in his skill at listening, and applying those thoughts to the project. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim’s services, without reservation, for anyone looking to design a house, particularly a Passive House, in our northern climate.”

Dr. Gary Konkol, Client

“Just got the gas bill – it looks like we heated the house for $33 in January. Looking back at our utility records, and accounting for the fact that we’re heating over twice the previous square footage, I’m coming up with a rough savings estimate of 85-90%. Or, put another way, the house uses 10-15% of the energy it previously did. That’s one mission accomplished.”

Paul Brazelton, Client 

“Doing a kitchen remodel without design help is like trying to cross the Pacific without chart or compass. Tim Delhey Eian provided ingenious ideas, practical know-how and insightful advice every step of the way. His schematic was amazingly detailed—and beyond that, he helped make my vague dream a beautiful reality.”

Irene St. Onge, Client 

“Tim is passionate about architecture and the environment.  He has great understanding of construction. He is great to work with and we look forward to more projects with him in the future.”

Dave Schwake, General Contractor  |  Katie Rose Construction 

“I think the best part of working with Tim is that he always has the answer or knows where to find it , and he’s always willing to do what it takes to keep the job moving.”

Peter Yackel   |  Architect and Client

“Thanks to you for a fabulous presentation! My colleagues and I were very inspired by it.”

Virajita Sigh, Senior Research Fellow/Adjunct Assistant Professor
Center for Sustainable Building Research, College of Design, University of Minnesota

“Tim’s designs are elegant and fresh and he has the technical skills to take his ideas to down to the smallest detail. He is passionate about energy efficient design but unlike many architects he really does have the knowledge to design a low-energy building.”

Dave Brach, Architect  |  Brach Design

“Tim is creative, passionate about design, detail oriented, quality-driven and provides the most conscientious customer service that you would want and expect.”

Laurie McRostie, Landscape Architect