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Passive House in the Woods

Modern Design, Beyond Net-Zero Performance, First Passive House in Wisconsin and GreenStar Gold


The Passive House in the Woods is the first certified Passive House in Wisconsin. This home does not have a furnace or boiler and produces more energy than it consumes.

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Nordeast Nest

Urban Low Energy Home with Passive House Components

150615_006 copy

This low energy home with Passive House components will easily be the most energy efficient house in the neighborhood, and matched in the TwinCities only by the MinnePHit house. Designed for a family of 5, it presents a wonderful model of what we can do in a developed urban environment.

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MinnePHit House

Addition, Renovation and First EnerPHit (Passive House Retrofit) in a Cold Climate in the World

Two grown-ups, three girls, two dogs and eight chickens. A 1935 neo-Tudor in Minneapolis, MN in need of 21st century levels of performance: TE Studio to the rescue.

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24th St. Passive House

Education Meets Community Leadership in LaCrosse’s First Certified Passive House

This urban infill on a brownfield site serves as a landmark for a technical college to demonstrate their leadership within the community.

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901 23rd Avenue Northeast

Commercial Retrofit with Passive House Components

This mid-century beauty receives an energy and architectural makeover to make it fit for the 21st century.

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Beaver Island Passive House

Modern Passive House Design and Net-Zero Performance in a Spectacular Setting

Beaver Island

The project site is located in a remote location on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. The spectacular setting offers fantastic views of the lake. The home is a contemporary and extremely sustainable Passive House.

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Northfield Passive House Farm

High-Performance Custom Design in a Rural Setting

Northfield Passive House Farm

This farmhouse replaces a family home and becomes the new hub on the property.

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Luxury Energy Independent Farm

High Design and Luxury Meet Net-Zero Performance

Energy Independent Farm

A generous family retreat amidst pastures, woods, and a lake. TE Studio custom design for an energy independent farm in Minnesota.

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Case Study

Synergy Perspective

Synergy is a beacon for the 21st century renaissance of residential high-performance design. It redefines affordability.

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Urban Renovation and Addition

GreenStar Gold in NE Minneapolis

Benjamin St NE Front

This 1927 Northeast Minneapolis home with an identity crisis was given a dramatic face lift. Both design and performance received a much needed boost.

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