Minnesota Passive House Farm

This farmhouse replaces a family home and becomes the new hub on the property. It is designed to meet the Passive House standard and become net-zero or energy plus with the addition of a future PV system on the south-facing roof slope, as shown on the southwest corner rendering below.

Minnesota Passive House Farm (Southwest corner)

Above: Rendering of the southwest corner of the building

In addition to the living spaces, this project includes a front porch, garage/workshop, and back porch.

Minnesota Passive House Farm (West facade)

Above: Rendering of west facade with garage, breezeway, and front porch

Passive House Farm, SW perspective

Above: Construction progress – southwest corner

Passive Houes Farm - east elevation with blower door

Above: Construction progress – east facade with blower door

The rough-in blower door test for this project showed airtightness of 0.23 ACH50—well below the 0.6 ACH50 limit. This puts the project on track to become a certified Passive House.

Northfield Passive House Farm - west elevation

West elevation

Northfield Passive House Farm - southwest perspective

Southwest perspective

Design: Tim Delhey Eian, TE Studio, Ltd.
Construction: Insulated concrete forms (ICF), wood
Engineering: Eric Bunkers, Bunkers and Associates
Project: 2011 – 2014
Photo Credits:  TE Studio, Ltd.

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