TE Studio is on a Mission

At TE Studio, we feel that it is important to create buildings that deliver on many levels of design, sustainability and performance to provide our Clients with real measurable value and results.


TE Studio/ Intep offices

TE Studio/ Intep offices

We are expert designers, dedicated to beautiful, durable, functional, and earth-friendly building designs that offer healthy environments and economy to meet our Clients’ needs now and in the future.

We practice Passive House design–the world’s leading voluntary building energy standard focusing on superior energy efficiency and quality of life at low operating cost. While originating in Germany, the founders of Passive House were deeply inspired by the energy conservation movement in the U.S. in the 1970s. We feel that Passive House in the U.S represents a perfect blend of the American spirit of invention combined with German engineering. We pioneered this world-class standard in the U.S. to provide our clients with measurable, leading-edge performance and results. We successfully designed Passive House buildings in one of the most challenging climates on earth and welcome the opportunity to do the same for you wherever you are.

We are practicing out of the TE Studio/ Intep office in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, which we built-out and retrofit with Passive House components in 2014.

TE Studio is holistic design for sustainable buildings.


Meet the Experts

Our unique background enables us to integrate expertise from both sides of the Atlantic. We provide German engineering and attention to detail, blending years of Passive House expertise with design and construction experience in our extreme Midwest climate.

We have the know-how and experience to design to your highest expectations.


Tim Delhey Eian

Tim Delhey Eian

Dipl.-Ing., Certified Passive House Consultant and Designer

You could say Tim was destined to have a career in architecture. At age three he followed construction progress of his new family home in Germany with fascination. As a young teenager he worked as an intern with his parents’ architect. Already realizing his life’s passion, he further prepared himself by mastering the foundations of woodworking in a carpentry apprenticeship, earning the prestigious title Master Carpenter. He later graduated with honors, earning an architectural engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing.) from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Tim has over 20 years of experience in both Germany and the U.S. Deeply influenced by exposure to stringent German environmental policies throughout his formative years, he has a strong conviction that protecting the earth for humankind is one of the key challenges of his generation.

With the desire to take residential design to a new level of sustainability, Tim founded TE Studio in 2008. The same year, he started designing the first certified Passive House home in Wisconsin, which is also the first to offer plus-energy levels of performance in the country. In 2009 he joined Stephan Tanner–architect of the first certified Passive House in the U.S.–at Intep, a commercial architecture, engineering, and consulting firm. Tim was a founding board member of the Passive House Alliance U.S.—a nationwide trade organization promoting the Passive House building energy standard. He is a regular visiting lecturer at the University of Minnesota, and many other continuing education venues. He and his wife are raising their two children bilingually in Northeast Minneapolis. Their family-home, the Good Energy Haus, is Minneapolis’ first certified Passive House Plus new construction home.

Stephan R. Tanner

Registered Architect AIA[two_colum

Swiss-born American architect Stephan Tanner’s travel-infused upbringing developed his deep understanding of designing for the global community. Today, he is a premier leader in true sustainable architecture here in the US, introducing the Swiss and European standard of efficiency to the American market.

Stephan has over 40 years of experience in architecture, which he learned from the ground up as an apprentice in Switzerland. Additionally, he holds an Art degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Stephan worked for 8 years as a design principal at a renowned Swiss architecture firm before founding Intep North America in 1996. In 2005, he designed North America’s first certified Passive House, the award-winning Waldsee BioHaus environmental learning center—a beacon for high-performance building.

In order to create buildings of the highest efficiency standard, the highest quality materials are needed. Stephan co-founded Peak Building Products with his son Robert to import essentials from Europe.

In 2010, he and Tim Delhey Eian joined forces, first in Intep, and later in TE Studio. In 2015, Stephan co-founded the North American 2,000-Watt Society Institute, an organization that promotes the possibility of consuming only 2,000 Watts of energy per person, per year, in an effort to halt global warming and provide an ultimately sustainable framework for humankind.


What We Believe In

We are motivated by our Clients’ challenges and respond with experience, confidence, and patience to help pioneer the highest level of sustainability in building design. Our holistic approach delivers ultimate performance and efficiency blended with beautiful and functional custom design.

Ultimate Sustainability

We design to sustain our lifestyle indefinitely with the resources we have, as we borrow the Earth from our children.


A holistic sustainable design is the foundation of affordable life-cycle cost.


We look beyond operating energy and optimize all the resources that go into a building over the course of its life.


Our planet is our habitat. Resource-efficient, high-performance building is our civic duty.

Health and Comfort

Environments for human beings should be cozy, quiet, clean and fresh.

High Quality and Durability

Detailed planning and quality construction provide a predictable outcome and minimize risk.

Functionality and Beauty

People care for what works for them and what they like. Therefore, a thoughtful design provides ultimate sustainability.

The Big Picture

We think globally and build locally.


People Are Talking

“We love living in our new home!” —Dave and Diane Crawford, Clients


“Tim’s passion for passive house design is unlimited and it is exciting to see him pour that enthusiasm into the design of our new home. Tim has always responded with helpful advice and extensive knowledge to get us to our final goal–a simply beautiful, sustainable, and efficient home designed for our growing family.” —Julie and Tarek Alkatout, Clients


“[TE Studio is] on the local cutting edge of architectural sustainability with their support of Passive House projects. They are very approachable, friendly and enthusiastic. We are fortunate to have such innovative talents right here in Minnesota!” —Dr. Carol Winter and Dr. Kirk Dornfeld, Clients


“Tim’s greatest talent may lie in his skill at listening, and applying those thoughts to the project. I wholeheartedly recommend Tim’s services, without reservation, for anyone looking to design a house, particularly a Passive House, in our northern climate.” —Dr. Gerald Konkol, Client


“Just got the gas bill – it looks like we heated the house for $33 in January. Looking back at our utility records, and accounting for the fact that we’re heating over twice the previous square footage, I’m coming up with a rough savings estimate of 85-90%. Or, put another way, the house uses 10-15% of the energy it previously did. That’s one mission accomplished.” —Paul Brazelton, Client


“Doing a kitchen remodel without design help is like trying to cross the Pacific without chart or compass. Tim Delhey Eian provided ingenious ideas, practical know-how and insightful advice every step of the way. His schematic was amazingly detailed—and beyond that, he helped make my vague dream a beautiful reality.” —Irene Alder, Client


“Tim is passionate about architecture and the environment.  He has great understanding of construction. He is great to work with and we look forward to more projects with him in the future.” —Dave Schwake, General Contractor Katie Rose Construction


“I think the best part of working with Tim is that he always has the answer or knows where to find it , and he’s always willing to do what it takes to keep the job moving.” —Peter Yackel, Architect and Client


“Tim’s designs are elegant and fresh and he has the technical skills to take his ideas to down to the smallest detail. He is passionate about energy efficient design but unlike many architects he really does have the knowledge to design a low-energy building.” —Dave Brach, Architect Brach Design


“Tim is creative, passionate about design, detail oriented, quality-driven and provides the most conscientious customer service that you would want and expect.” —Laurie McRostie, Landscape Architect

Integrated Design

Passive House in the Woods project team

Passive House in the Woods project team

At TE Studio we pride ourselves in collaboration, not only with our clients, but also with cutting edge specialists in the building industry. We firmly believe in an integrated design approach—always looking at all aspects of a project. We maximize its potential through integration of design, assemblies, equipment, and controls. We partner with expert consultants and builders to achieve the highest level of performance and design in the built product.

Go Team!

Leading Edge

Passive House Certificate

Leading edge design and engineering is in our DNA. It is what we pride ourselves on. Our clients value a unique offering based on sound engineering and cutting edge technology, blended with modern designs and robust material choices. We provided the design for North America’s first Passive House, as well as many other certified Passive House, EnerPHit, PHIUS+ and GreenStar buildings. We are seasoned architects and engineers with years of experience in low-energy, net-zero energy, plus-energy, and CO2-neutral performance designs.

Early adopters welcome!

Holistic Design for Sustainable Buildings

 TE Studio is a full-service architecture firm.

We offers all phases of planning and design from the first schematic sketches, through builder-ready construction documents, construction observation and building certification. We consult with clients during early stages of feasibility, viability and budgeting. Our approach combines architectural design and engineering to deliver a unique blend of beauty, performance and value.

We work with you to maximize your investment while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Our studio has a proven track record of delivering certified projects such North-America’s first certified Passive House project—the Waldsee BioHaus, the Passive House in the Woods—Wisconsin’s first certified Passive House, and the MinnePHit House—the first Passive House retrofit (EnerPHit) project in a cold climate zone.