Tim has been working on a pro-bono effort called the “Appleseed” house for a couple of months now. The Appleseed house is slated to be an affordable housing model home for North Minneapolis. The group behind the Appleseed house is currently working on a website. In the meanwhile, we’ll try to post some info on the progress on this blog.

Here are a few architectural goals that we are looking to achieve:

  • Simple beautiful design
  • Spatially interesting (interior and exterior)
  • Accessible design
  • Flexible, adaptable floor plan

In terms of health and safety, these items were identified:

  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality
  • Low VOC materials and finishes
  • Welcoming and safe place
These are goals in regards to durability and impact on the environment
  • Durable and reparable materials and finishes
  • Good natural daylighting and “dark sky” night lighting
  • Passive House Standard, LEED Gold, Energy Star, MN Green Star, Green Communities
  • Renewable energies
  • High energy efficiency
  • Grey water recycling

In terms of the community, these goals were identified:

  • Affordable project (in regards to the total cost of ownership)
  • Local involvement
  • Design relationship with context
  • Scalable approach
  • Teaching
  • Reproducible
  • Security
  • Neighborhood energy system
  • Neighborhood stormwater management
  • Strategic neighbors
  • Community garden, edible garden, urban farm

This is of course a very rough draft list. The following weeks will help prioritize and solidify.


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