Representing today’s highest energy standard, the Passive House is a very well-insulated, virtually air-tight building that approaches “zero” energy. Instead of relying on “active” systems for heating, it primarily uses passive solar gain and heat gains inside from people, consumer electronics, appliances, etc.

This impressive structure not only saves up to 90% on space heating and cooling costs, it also provides a terrifically satisfying and healthful indoor air quality, while minimizing its impact on the environment. Energy losses are minimized through the use of super-efficient windows and doors, highly insulated exterior surfaces, air-tightness, and energy recovery ventilation. Any remaining heat is provided by an extremely small source. The elimination of heat gain through shading and window orientation helps limit cooling. Finally, an air exchange system provides a constant, balanced outside air supply.

The Passive House is a tried-and-true standard. Energy modeling is used to calculate a building’s performance up front. The Passive House standard is one of few standards in the U.S. that requires independent field testing at the end of construction to guarantee that your investment is performing at the level you expect. At the same time, its basis of 15kWh per square meter and year is the lowest energy consumption certified under a home construction standard available today, a feature we are proud to offer.

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