I am in Urbana, IL this week to complete the third round of the first ever US Passive House seminar. At this point there is a core group of people that is going for certification. The conversations and discussions are exciting and inspiring. Today’s exercise actually revolved around the Waldsee Biohaus in Bemidji, MN. I have not been up there—unfortunately a trip with the MinneApplessed group had to be cancelled—but I have met with the architect Stefan Tanner to learn a little bit about its conception and construction. I am going to miss Urbana after this session, and the people that come here to become Passive House pioneers and make history 😉 Fortunately, some of them will come to Duluth in November, so that conversations and discussions can be continued and experience be shared. At this point it is only appropriate to thank Katrin Klingenberg and Mike Kernagis for their relentless effort to bring Passive House to the US and share their wisdom with those who will bring it to the masses.

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