With all the conventions and political activity these days I hear a lot about green collar jobs. I would describe myself as having one of these green collar jobs, and I have even had people send their resumes to work with me in this green economy. Now we just need the economy to catch up with the green collars that are out here. So my political message of the day is: Go Green Economy! After all, what’s not to like? I have a feeling that some people believe they will be giving something up if they go green. My belief is the exact opposite. Efficient use of resources offers the potential of making goods and services more economic and healthier. Environmentally clean practices and goods support a clean conscience of knowing that the planet is preserved for our children, and our own well-being. Using local renewable energy resources holds the promise of peace, versus war over what is scarce and becoming scarcer by the minute—talk about homeland security! Those of us who like to tinker and perfect stuff get a kick out of efficiency—stretching natural resources to go farther can be a fun challenge—easing on that gas pedal to see how high that mileage reading can go can be addictive. What if not the speed but the efficiency became the deciding factor over who wins the race. And while I fully realize that all these ideas are already out there, I really feel that we need to give them a positive spin, so that they appeal to the majority of people. Best of all, if we conserve where we can and do a good job at it, we have more resources to use for things where we feel we need to splurge. Let me give you an example: Historic Preservation. If all of our buildings were really energy efficient, we could easily offset “energy hogs” that hold historic value and are worth preserving. If we take it to the next level and make buildings that produce more energy than they consume, we can help make up for those that cannot afford to do the same and still create a positive balance. So let’s get started with the green economy, create the green collar jobs and take this country into a new direction that is healthy, sustainable, economically viable and fun.

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