At TE Studio, we believe that Passive House design—both for new construction and retrofits—delivers tremendous value for our clients. Here is a brief summary on why you might want to consider Passive House Design for your next construction project.

Economy: Significant conservation and improved performance = cost savings to the owner

  • Up to 75% savings on source energy (pending household use pattern), e.g. reduced utility bills (in Twin Cities, as much as $2,500 year or more in utility savings for an average sized residence)
  • Potentially reduced homeowner’s insurance (due to reduced mechanical system and quality construction)
  • Benefits of energy efficiency mortgage
  • Federal tax credits, local utility company incentives (as applicable)

Ecology & Energy: Significant conservation and improved performance = significantly reduced environmental impact

  • Significantly less energy consumption, smaller CO2 footprint
  • Likely in use and maintained longer than average building
  • Less likely to need retrofit, reduction in energy used for construction and materials
  • Can be “fueled” by virtually any power source
  • Easier to “fuel” with renewable energy sources, cheaper to outfit with appropriately sized renewable energy sources
  • High survivability, indoor air temperatures typically do not drop below 50 deg. F even when unoccupied
  • Crisis proof

Health: Improved indoor environmental quality = improved health

  • Guaranteed air-exchange 24/7—365 days a year
  • Tempered air, controlled humidity
  • Studies show less potential for asthma, allergies, sickness
  • Less drafty
  • Indoor surfaces are near room-temperatur, virtually no radiant heat-loss potential
  • Improved daylighting and solar exposure

Comfort: Superinsulated building envelope = high level of comfort

  • Indoor surfaces are near room-temperatur, virtually no radiant heat-loss potential
  • Guaranteed air-exchange 24/7—365 days a year, reduced exposure to odors
  • Extremely quiet inside due to superinsulation and high-performance windows

Durability: High quality planning and construction = extremely durable building

  • Quality-controlled construction and energy modeling, predictable results
  • Advanced window technology, longevity
  • Reduced mechanical system, less moving parts = less maintenance
  • Owner training, “understand your building”
  • Owner’s manual, “pass on the knowledge”
  • Certified building standard

Value: Best building energy standard available = incredible value

  • Quality building, durability
  • High performance building envelope—money and energy savings, comfort
  • Fully documented and certified
  • Best starting point for an uncertain energy future

Conscience: Most efficient building energy standard available today = clear conscience

We feel that all of the aforementioned points help create tremendous quality of life. Passive House is simply a better building—maximizing your investment, while minimizing its impact on the environment. For a free consultation, please contact us directly.

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