Eastside Food Co-op is offering a program in my community, that I feel is worth mentioning. While recycling is never as good as avoiding trash in the first place (similar to renewable energy versus energy conservation), this is still a great effort and me and my family try to make use of it as much as we can. I hope that eventually, manufacturers and distributors will understand that plastics are too valuable to throw away, and that they need to circulate (on a parts per million basis per Cradle to Cradle). In the meanwhile, I pledge to do my part to reduce the amount of stuff I buy, and carefully dispose of what I have to buy and need to throw away.

Plastics Recycling at Eastside Food Co-op:
Thursdays 3:30-7:30 and Saturdays 10-2

We’re back up and running — post consumer plastics recycling at Eastside Food Co-op. 

Thursdays, 3:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Plastics accepted:
    #1  PET
    #2  HDPE
    #3  PVC
    #4  LDPE
    #5  PP
    #6  PS – NO foam – no foam cups, plates, or packing material – even if it’s marked with a #6, it’s not recyclable.

     *Un-rinsed plastics or plastic with a lot of food waste — we just have to throw those in the trash. If they are not free of food waste, don’t bring them here!
     *”Lined” plastic bags, i.e. bags that hold cheese or meat in vacuum seals — these are not recyclable.
     *Foam — if even it’s marked!
     *#7 Plastic — we are no longer able to take any #7 plastics.
      *Unmarked Plastic — we are no longer able to take any unmarked plastics, including lids. 

Please welcome our CCP – Community Connections Partnership — they will provide the staffing for the recycling program. Employee: Eric; Substitute: Richard; Job Coach: George. We’re happy to add them to the EFC team!

This Program is a partnership among the City of Minneapolis, the Eastside Food Co-op, and Consolidated Container Company, a Northeast Minneapolis business.

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