For those who have not seen the story of stuff, here is a link: It is somewhat similar to what Cradle to Cradle describes. I enjoyed the animations and the straight forward comments by the author.

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  • joshcap says:

    longtime reader, firsttime commenter: I really loved the story of stuff. I think there’s a definite disparity how we think about stuff. Maybe we should do the drawing of stuff everytime we acquire or toss something. I really like the simplified explanation. The ‘golden arrow’ is the ticket. Black Friday, everyone keep feeding the golden arrow. The one guy trampled isn’t the first to be trampled so you can have your $400 digital flatscreen.

    I’d like to see the analysis on just one such product. The real story. I heard something that lithium is scarce simply for the reluctance of Bolivia to participate in this. Oh, those leftist rascals!

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