I was thinking that I should have another goal besides being thankful for our food crops this Thanksgiving. With an average of 3,500 calories per capita I am not too worried about our food supply these days (no pun intended). Therefore, I have decided that it would be a great day to be thankful for the Earth and the Sun, and all of their free gifts that make our lives possible. I am happy to take a chance here and sound cheesy, but I truly believe that we don’t think about these basics of life a whole lot and therefore, I will make an effort to commemorate them as part of my Thanksgiving weekend. I posted Nasa’s Earthrise image because to me it symbolizes the ability to look at ourselves, reflect, re-evaluate, and reconsider who we are and how we exist and live on planet Earth. So join me, if you would, in saying: thank you Earth, thank you Sun, thank you Universe for allowing us to exist. I also pledge to further reduce my environmental footprint as a goal for next Thanksgiving.

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