End of SuburbiaI just watched “The End of Suburbia“. This movie is already 5 years old. However, it may actually be more fun to watch it now than it was in 2004. Many of the predictions made in the movie can be matched to today’s realites—especially the economic situation. I think it’s good food for thought. I am not trying to jump on a suburbia-is-bad band wagon here, but frankly, neither is the movie. It’s trying to put it into the context of 21st century challenges like energy, economy, social fabric, and aesthetics.

Here is a summary from netflix’s page:

This provocative documentary, a regular on the film-festival circuit, examines the history of suburban life and the wisdom of this distinctly American way of life. A post-World War II concept, suburbia attracted droves of people, giving rise to sprawl and all that comes with it — good and bad. How has the environment been affected by this lifestyle, and is it sustainable? Canadian director Gregory Greene dares to ask all the tough questions.

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