At TE Studio we are disappointed and saddened by the decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord. At the same time, we are encouraged to witness the subsequent outpouring of commitment from individuals, local governments,  states, countries and corporations on climate action.

We founded our firm on the core value that caring for a livable environment is a key duty and challenge for our generation. Since the mid 2000s we have committed all of our work to this goal against all odds and much push back, not just in politics but also within our own industry. We have delivered real-world climate action in the built environment and will continue to do so going forward. We also support broader climate action such as the 2000-Watt Society, which will help humankind create a common framework to measure and deliver a low carbon, sustainable lifestyle. We believe that sustainability will make us strong, secure and competitive.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Clients—past and present—for their courage and for putting their money where their mouth is. We are humbled by your commitment and resolve. Without your patronage, we could not pursue the work we love and that we feel is needed to make the planet a wonderful place, which will sustain life for many generations to come.